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Ayurveda is an ancient diet and lifestyle based wellness system that is tailored to the unique psycho-physiological needs of every individual. Learn your distinctly innate mind-body tendencies (“dosha” type) to come to know your medicines and poisons of holistic health! Health is wealth! Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food!
New Year, New You:

Ayurvedic Reset & Resolutions

Group Cleanse
Featured Cleanse
January 3-31, 2024
Re-start your healthy habits right by going into the new year creating the harmony that will be your foundation for all of 2024. It is easier to start strong with the association, accountability and support of a group and maintain that, than to start alone and try to catch up when discipline falls short.

This Package Includes:

  • Two 45-minute 1:1 meetings

    • The first 1:1 during Week 1 to set your Cleanse Objectives & Resolutions

    • The second 1:1 during Week 4 to set your Continuation Plan to keep up your health & life goals

  • One live, interactive group meeting per week. The interactive calls will provide peer support, one Ayurveda Topic of the Week, and short discussion on how we are internalizing the experience.

  • Group Meeting Topics include:

    • Week 1: Diet; How to cleanse and not deplete? 

    • Week 2: Identifying Saṃskāra (deep, internalized patterns)… and how to burn it

    • Week 3: Cleansing all 5 senses…and the mind

    • Soul connection: Tuning into what our heart longs to create

  • Daily Routine Check Sheet

  • Facebook group for participant interaction and accountability

Unlock the secrets to living well with ayurveda

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Getting to the root cause of Imbalance!

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Continuing the Healing Proces



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Healing and Wellness Package


Ayurvedic Reset & Resolutions

Group Cleanse

January 3-31, 2024

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Getting to the root cause of Imbalance!


Continuing the Healing Proces




Sushruta’s Definition of Health

“समदोषः समाग्निश्च समधातुमलक्रियः। प्रसन्नात्मेन्द्रियमनाः स्वस्थ इत्यभिधीयते ॥” ~ सुश्रुत संहिता (Sushruta Samhita)

“The one who is established in the Self, who has balanced doshas, balanced agni, properly formed dhatus, proper elimination of malas, properly functioning bodily processes and whose mind, soul and senses are quiet and content is called a healthy person.” Su.Su.15.

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