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Ayurveda Across Cultures: An International Perspective on Healing Methods Across the Globe

National Ayurvedic Medical Association Professional Members Mingle

Monday, July 8th, 2024 at 5pm Pacific, with Sarah Dunfee, CAP

This presentation will discuss cultural practices such as seasonal traditions, native herbs & foods, and eating & healing traditions from different parts of the world. Heritage is created in relation to the climate and geography of the landscape of the region, where local ingredients and preparation styles are used to keep people of the land healthy and long-living. Practices from other countries to stay strong and eliminate illness may not use Ayurvedic nomenclature as labels, but closely reflect Ayurvedic principles.

Practitioners will take away perspectives on Ayurveda around the world, diversify their practices with knowledge of native regional sources, and learn how to apply their standard of Ayurveda to people of different regions for a more well-rounded practice.

Six Weeks of Ayurveda: Beginner Course

Learn Ayurveda Online from your home

This Six week course is designed to teach you the foundations and principles of Ayurveda in order to nourish your intellect, bodies, and hearts. 

All lessons will be taken from Ayurveda Textbook 1 by Dr. Vasant Lad. 

We will learn about: 

  • Basic Ayurvedic Philosophy
  • The five great elements
  • Three psycho-metabolic types
  • Seven tissues
  • 10 pairs of opposite qualities
  • Power of digestive fire

And much more…

By studying with a qualified teacher, you are able to ask questions and bring textbook information to life through real examples. 

This course will be releasing soon.

Past Events

MysticMag Interview

on MysticMag Website

In this interview, Sarah Kirton asks me a series of questions regarding what brought me into the word of Ayurveda, along with some questions about my current practice. 

Full interview is available to read on

Pranayama: Art of Breathing

At Ashland Hot yoga Studio

Prana is the life force that exists within all living beings. Pranayama is the act of elongating and prolonging our life force through certain breathing techniques and exercises.
In this class, we will discuss the significance of Prana and learn nine breathing techniques to enhance and engage prana in our daily life.
According to Ayurveda, Spring is the season of Kapha dosha–the mind-body type dominated by water and earth elements. During this season, we should focus on activating and clearing out mucus and building up fluids and excesses from the seats of Kapha in the body. Two main seats of kapha in the body are the lungs and sinuses. These Pranayama will help us expel mucus, greif, toxins, stagnation and other trapped emotions from our physical and subtle bodies.
Furthermore, Prana is known to be the pure essence of Vata dosha (the psycho-physiological type governed by air and ether). When yoga systems and other health practices are done excessively or improperly, one possible result is ending up with elevated Vata such as insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, and dryness of the body. When practiced properly, prana can elevate functionality of mind, body, and strengthen our connection with soul. In Pranayama exercises, we learn how to harness and convert Vata excess into nourishing Prana.

We will be learning and practicing 9 Pranayamas (breathing exercises):
-three will be heating and cleansing 
-three will be cooling and soothing 
-three will be neutral and balancing 

All levels of yoga experience are welcome. Please avoid eating a heavy meal at least 2 hours before the class. 

Group Detox

Spring Cleaning

Group Cleanse
April 8 - 17

Spring is the best time of year to cleanse in Ayurveda. Over the winter, we accumulate deposits of Kapha dosha and residue from being stagnant and cold. Spring is the time to let go of accumulated toxins with less compromise to our strength and immunity. 

This 9-day cleanse will help reduce Kapha excess in the spring, in order to lighten our load to be bright, cheerful, and energetic during the summer, and make way for new growth.


Cleanse schedule:

Spring into Ayurveda

At Amani yoga studio
2390 W Main st. Unit e, Medford

This workshop will cover fundamentals of Ayurveda along with a specific understanding of Spring time and Kapha season. During this time of year, we focus on reducing accumulations of water and earth elements in the body. Learn practical takeaways on diet, lifestyle, and relationship with environment to stay balanced this Spring.

After reviewing the three mind-body types (aka. Doshas), and their associated elements, qualities, and characteristics, we will focus in on Kapha, the dosha type that is predominant in spring season. We will learn to observe how Kapha is present in the environment around us, how it effects our mind, emotions, and physiology. Finally we can learn to apply practical takeaways on how we can reduce kapha excess so we do not end up with an imbalance.


Clearing Kapha: Ayurvedic Cooking for Seasonal Cleansing

At Ashland Food Co-op

In this class, we will learn three different recipes that help open the channels, melt accumulations, boost metabolism, burn fat, induce sweating, increase circulation, and invigorate us to get us moving out of our hibernation caves from the winter. We will focus on Kapha reducing and seasonal foods, but also learn hacks for how each recipe can slightly be modified for your unique doshic needs.

To find out more or sign up visit

Ayurvedic Self-Care & Relax Retreat

At Chanticleer Inn in Ashland, OR

This retreat is designed for single individuals or couples/friends to escape into a private getaway for a two. This is a two day, three night retreat with on-demand dates. 

On-Demand dates means this retreat does not have fixed dates and can be scheduled for whenever the time best suits your schedule. Simply coordinate with to check for availability and set your dates. 

 This retreat features three morning yoga sessions, along with morning sadhana (daily routine of meditation and spiritual practice), hands-on Ayurvedic treatments of your choice, tri-doshic meals, a private Ayurvedic Health Consultation, Ayurvedic lessons with worksheets, a cooking class for easy digestion, and a home self-care starter kit so you can bring your practice home from your vacation to your living space. 

There will be time to visit around the quaint town of Ashland, all in walking distance from the cozy and lovely Chanticleer Inn. 

Request details and full schedule here

See photos and more info of the Chanticleer Inn here

5-Day All-inclusive Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Retreat

April 28 - May 2, 2024

Award-winning accommodations, Ayurvedic meals with private chef, courses taught by NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, daily yoga, morning sadhana, hands-on learning, afternoon excursions, transportation in town, group activities, and private consultations. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion upon conclusion of the retreat. All experiences and courses are taught by experts in their fields. Includes all taxes and gratuities!

Anyone booking directly through the website qualifies for an 18% discount!

New Year, New You:

Ayurvedic Reset & Resolutions

Group Cleanse
January 3-31, 2024
Re-start your healthy habits right by going into the new year creating the harmony that will be your foundation for all of 2024. It is easier to start strong with the association, accountability and support of a group and maintain that, than to start alone and try to catch up when discipline falls short.

This Package Includes:

  • Two 45-minute 1:1 meetings

    • The first 1:1 during Week 1 to set your Cleanse Objectives & Resolutions

    • The second 1:1 during Week 4 to set your Continuation Plan to keep up your health & life goals

  • One live, interactive group meeting per week. The interactive calls will provide peer support, one Ayurveda Topic of the Week, and short discussion on how we are internalizing the experience.

  • Group Meeting Topics include:

    • Week 1: Diet; How to cleanse and not deplete? 

    • Week 2: Identifying Saṃskāra (deep, internalized patterns)… and how to burn it

    • Week 3: Cleansing all 5 senses…and the mind

    • Soul connection: Tuning into what our heart longs to create

  • Daily Routine Check Sheet

  • Facebook group for participant interaction and accountability

Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters Meeting

Friday, January 5th at 8 : 15 am

at Siskiyou Ayurveda, 629 A Street, Ashland, OR

KSKQ Radio Interview

Tuesday, November 14 at 1pm
Interviewed by Karen Maleskti on the local radio show Public Health Matters, this interview delves into my origins in Ayurveda, my inspirations, current projects, Holiday tips with Holiday eating, and my journey with the Divine Feminine during my overseas years of live.
Listen here!
Foundational Elements of Ayurveda pnj

Foundational Elements of Ayurveda

at Ashland Hot Yoga

Ayurveda is the life changing “Science of Life” that has origins all the way back to ancient India. Join us as we dive into the cornerstones of Ayurveda, which include learning about the Pañcabhūta (the five great elements), the three Doṣa (constitution types) and the 20 Guṇa (attributes) that characterize the elements and dosha types.

We will learn about the concept of Prakṛti Doṣa, the innate mind-body type that you receive upon conception, as well as your Vikṛti Doṣa –the predominating imbalance that has arisen as a result of disruptive life events, as well as wrong lifestyle and dietary choices that are in misalignment with our innate dosha type.

We will learn about the “law of opposites” in order to take home simple tools on how we can remedy ourselves in day-to-day situations and discomforts. These simple tools can prevent our dosha from becoming imbalanced and help resolve coming back into balance. We will discuss digestive fire, agni, which is a central principle on how we can assess the qualitative value of our digestive system. Even simple ayurvedic techniques can be immensely effective at the right time, place, and circumstance.

Finally, we will discuss the spirituality which is seeded at the nucleus of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda’s definition of health, wellbeing is not complete without spirituality and building connection with the True Self & a greater source or Causal Being –and of course, love.

Learning the fundamentals of Ayurveda helps empower us so we can be free and more independent in taking ownership and care of our own health. By building awareness around these principles, we can begin to take steps towards healing.

Ayur-Basics Foundational Concepts of Ayurveda

at Elder Apothecary
We will discover the 5 Great Elements that compose the three Doshas (physio-metabolic types). We will explore the qualities and characteristics of each Dosha type, and through Self-Observation (Svadyaya) analyze what yours might be. Finally, we will look into general tips and overviews on keeping your Dosha-type in-balance through general guidelines on diet, lifestyle, and introspection of our True nature.

Shadras: The Healing Powers of the Six Ayurvedic Tastes

at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library

Ayurveda is a holistic eastern healing system that originates in ancient India. According to Ayurveda, there are 5 elements that we consume and digest through what we eat as well as the environment around us. These 5 elements make up our “dosha” type, also known as our physio-metabolic constitution type.

Depending on one’s inherent nature as well as the current imbalances they may be experiencing, different tastes (“rasas”) are key to reducing excess accumulations as well as nourishing any depletions. Food choices are pertinent in the concept of “let thy food be thy medicine,” and is something that the majority of us have a certain amount of control over in our lives.

We will go into detail about the benefits and properties of each taste and what happens if we include too little or too much of any of them. No food is considered inherently “good” or “bad,” as each substance in the universe has potential to be used as medicine, depending on time, place, and circumstance.

Come learn about how you can use the Shadras (6 tastes of Ayurveda) to balance your mind, body, and spirit.

consious living

Conscious Living Fair

at Lithia Loft

Conscious Living Fair at Lithia Loft

Sarah sets up at local Holistic Fairs to represent Ayurveda in the local community and give treatments in Marma, a type of Ayurvedic massage that uses pressing pressure points to release tension and supressed emotions and toxin buildup.

Featured Presentations Sarah has given at Holistic Fairs include:

”Falling into the Cold Seasons: Ayurvedic Prep for Autumn and Winter”


“Dosha A, B, C’s”

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